Back pain in a man turned out to be a symptom of a fatal illness: People: From life:

A resident of the English county of Shropshire, UK, mistook the symptom of a fatal illness for a muscle strain after exercising at the gym. The Liverpool Echo newspaper reports.

Gareth Emmerson, 28, said that in 2014 he was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a malignant tumor of the skeleton. “I suffered from back pain and for three months thought it was due to a muscle strain,” he explained.

When the back pain became unbearable, the Briton went to the emergency room. There he was given painkillers and sent for an MRI. Tests have revealed a tumor the size of two tennis balls in the patient’s back.

Over the past seven years, Emmerson has undergone several courses of chemotherapy and radiation therapy that have helped fight the tumor. However, in November last year, doctors said the patient had a fourth relapse, and the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes, lungs and brain.

In the same month, Emmerson had a large tumor removed and is now undergoing chemotherapy. The oncologist warned that at the moment there are no methods to cure this type of cancer, and at some point, chemotherapy will stop working.

Having learned the diagnosis, the Briton made a list of dreams that he wants to fulfill before his death. He has already fulfilled one of his wishes and attended a match with the participation of his favorite football club Liverpool.

Previously reportedthat a resident of the Scottish city of Keelsight, North Lancashire, defeated a deadly disease and received the title of beauty queen. In 2017, 25-year-old Stephanie Gillan was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone cancer called neurofibrosarcoma.

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