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Ever cameras in their wake, na The Pfaffs? That was not necessary for Kelly Pfaff (44) and Sam Gooris (48). Reflection is never too late: in Expedition Gooris they will soon go on a road trip together with their children Shania (21) and Kenji (19).

Kelly Pfaff had already found her way to the screen, with her own program Value for your money?. Sam Gooris also regularly shows up, in game shows and The smartest person. But another reality show, after years The Pfaffs on VTM? For a long time, the couple politely thanked them, as did the entire family. The fact that VTM2 could persuade them to do something with their whole family was already known when the autumn program was presented. Soon, in October, we will see the result: Expedition Gooris.

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In it, Kelly and Sam go on a road trip with daughter Shania and son Kenji. Rode? After 22 years of marriage, they have seen little of the world. Destination? Places in Europe that have a special meaning for them. This is how the journey starts in Munich, where paterfamilias Jean-Marie Pfaff experienced his heyday as a football player. He was the best goalkeeper in the world at Bayern Munich between 1982 and 1988. Consequently, Kelly spent much of her childhood there. For her, it will be a return to the heimat, for Shania and Kenji, an introduction to the place where their family became famous.

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Grown up

What destinations are yet to come, the family keeps quiet. “But my mouth has fallen open every day,” says Sam Gooris. “I was incredibly surprised, both by my lady as by the guests. Along the way, I also began to realize that my children are now almost adults. I only have very clean memories of our road trip.”

Expedition Gooris will start on Tuesday 12 October at VTM. The same channel still airs reruns of . every weekday The Pfaffs.

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