Back to the PSS Sleman Team’s Training Session, This Ex-Persib Bandung Was Awaited Immediately BCS-Slemania

TRIBUNWOW.COMPSS Sleman more mature to prepare the team ahead of the match against Barito Son.

Reported, PSS Sleman will host Barito Son in the fourth week Liga 1 2022.

Will play in front of his own supporters at the Maguwoharjo Stadium, Sleman, on Saturday (13/8/2022), PSS Sleman believed to be lowering his best strength when entertaining Barito Son.

PSS Sleman is predicted to be aiming for its first win in Liga 1 2022, after three matches they were only able to get two points.

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In order to win his first PSS Sleman continue to boost the training and physicality of the Super Elja players.

Reported from Instagram upload @pssleman on Tuesday (9/8/2022), the players appeared PSS Sleman seriously following team training.

Predictably, the figure of Tallysson Duarte who excels in high balls, will be the main PSS Sleman in the set-piece scheme against Barito Son later.

PSS Sleman is also believed to be back to relying on She Valentine whose role is very vital in the Super Elja camp.

However, there is one PSS Sleman player who is eagerly awaiting his debut in the 2022/2023 season with Super Elja.

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Ex-all-round midfielder Persib BandungKim Kurniawan, looking forward to playing together PSS Sleman by BCS and Slemania.

Reported, Kim Kurniawan himself was absent from PSS Sleman as a result of the long injury he suffered.

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Now, the figure of an ex midfielder Persib Bandung is monitored continuously following the training session PSS Slemanand is believed to be coming back soon in the Super Elja team at the event Liga 1 2022 next.

Kim Kurniawan’s presence at the training session PSS Sleman also received special attention from BCS and Slemania.

BCS and Slemania admitted that they couldn’t wait to see Kim Kurniawan play again with PSS Sleman.

The former Persib Bandung midfielder who is now in PSS Sleman uniform, Kim Kurniawan, has been waiting for his appearance in Liga 1 2022 by BCS and Slemania after his long absence from Super Elja. (Instagram @pssleman)

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