Backblaze has prepared a report on the reliability of SSD memories

Backblaze, which is engaged in the provision of cloud computing services, has published the SSD memory failure rate (English failure rate), but for a better understanding, we would like to use the number of assembly errors.

Backblaze has received attention thanks to this report, which can be released quarterly or annually. This time, the company has collected information on how many of the SSDs they used failed between October 1, 2018 and December 31, 2022. Information about memory temperature is also available.

The company uses 13 different SSDs on a daily basis, which are also available to everyday consumers. They perform daily work, such as starting the operating system, recording, correcting and deleting various log files. This makes it possible to compare these memories in similar usage as they would run on a daily user’s computer, and not necessarily in a server center.

During these four years, SSD memories have failed and failed less than 1%. The results were obtained by studying 2,906 memories that worked for a total of 1,889,279 days, but the number of errors was 46. Looking at the available information, a logical connection can be seen that the longer working memories have refused to work more often. In any case, the low number of errors indicates the reliability of SSD memories when they are to be used for various tasks with data storage and use.

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