Background swear word referee on Inter penalty and Juve-Atalanta slow motion

How Ayroldi refereed in Juventus-Atalanta e Marinelli in Venice-Inter? The first proved, as it was easy to predict, a very difficult race even if there were no sensational cases, the second seemed simpler but had an ending that made us discuss. On his youtube channel it is the former Como referee Luca Marelli, Dazn’s moviolista since this season, to clarify the dubious episodes.

For Marelli there is no penalty for Juve in the final

Marelli starts from Atalanta-Juve and applauds the refereeing: “Ayroldi refereed a complex match with 33 fouls, 9 yellow cards: a note, he was hasty in the admonition of Cuadrado at 50 ‘. At the 5 ‘touch of Bonucci’s hands in the area but does not increase the volume of the body, it is not rigor. At 75 ‘contact between Cuadrado and Pasalic but here too there is no penalty; I appreciate that he let it go, at most it was a foul for Atalanta. At 77 ′ protest for a yellow card from Bernardeschi who had an overreaction: good Ayroldi who left the norm of the advantage for Atalanta and when the action was exhausted he decided to extract the yellow for Bernardeschi“.

“Finally in the 92nd minute Mahele’s hands on Bernardeschi’s cross from the left, also in this case it is not punishable. It is not the arm that moves towards the ball but the opposite, moreover he was hit from the back, the arm was slightly out of shape but the movement was absolutely natural. All in all Ayroldi I liked it very much “.

Marelli condemns Marinelli’s reaction on the recall to the Var

Then you move on to Venice-Inter: “Marinelli for me he arbitrated in a divine way for 95 ‘, making a mistake only in the final. He only whistled 12 fouls, he is growing, he feels the confidence of Rocchi and this is sometimes more important than the technical qualities, you enter the field without fear of making a mistake. Marinelli also took a risk on some intervention in midfield, I was satisfied that he often let him run to play. He is almost ready for a big match, he must consolidate his growth and avoid what happened at 95 ‘.. “.

Here’s what happened: Haps takes the ball with his hand in the area, Inter claims the penalty, Marinellli lets it go but is recalled by the Var Radio. Marinelli did not seem convinced but when the review by the two referees on the video began, he realized that perhaps the decision he had made was wrong. As he approached the monitor in the field he yelled “go fuck” and, in reality, the on-field review was lightning fast. Almost non-existent. One eye on the screen and in an instant he was back on the pitch to call the penalty.

Marelli explains: “There are those who think that he sent to ca … Irrati, I think that Marinelli missed the handball on the penalty episode, he knew he had refereed very well and knew that if Irrati had called him back the foul was there. That hands is in fact punishable, the very high arm compared to the silhouette is already sufficient. My feeling is that Marinelli approached the monitor angry at himself, saw the hands and gave the rigor but I didn’t like his attitude ”.

“He had to know the cameras were all on him, he had to check himself. I would punish this behavior, I would put a couple of turns to reflect despite the good test. That last minute is unacceptable, he cannot let himself get caught up in his nerves “



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