Bad Aibling: the woman wakes up after 27 years from the coma


The story of Munira Abdulla borders on a miracle. In 1991, the Al Ain woman in the United Arab Emirates had a serious car accident. He suffered such a serious brain injury that he fell into a coma. 27 years later she woke up again in a hospital in Bad Aibling in Bavaria.

As reported by the English-language newspaper "The National", the thirty-two-year-old then took his four-year-old son Omar from school when the accident occurred. His son recalls: "His brother-in-law was at the wheel, my mother was sitting in the back seat next to me, and when she saw the accident arrive, she grabbed me to protect me." While Munira Abdulla was seriously injured, her son suffered only a bruise on his head. "At the time there were no cell phones and we couldn't get an ambulance for hours," he says.

At the hospital, according to the newspaper, the doctors didn't believe he would ever open his eyes again. Abdulla did not react, he barely responded to his surroundings and had to be fed artificially. The doctors diagnosed her with a state of minimal consciousness, similar to that of an awakening coma. Only his son didn't give up hope and sat at his bedside every day: "I never gave it up because I always felt like he was waking up one day." Even if he could not speak, I looked at his face Pain or not, "quotes" The National "Omar Webair." For me it was gold, the more time passed, the more precious it became for me. "

The therapy funded by Kronprinz in Bad Aibling

Munira Abdulla has spent several years in various hospitals in the United Arab Emirates. In April 2017, the Kronprinzenhof heard about its history and granted a grant for a complete therapeutic program at the Schön Klinik in Bad Aibling in Bavaria. The clinic is located about 50 kilometers south of Munich and, with over 286 beds, is one of the largest specialist neurological centers in Germany.

And here it happened last June, then the unexpected. "I woke up because someone called my name," says Webair. I was very happy, for years I dreamed of that moment and my name was the first word he said. "

In time, Munira Abdulla became accessible. "Now you can tell us where you are suffering and I can talk to you," the 32-year-old said. Meanwhile, his mother returned to Abu Dhabi for further treatment. "I made their story public to tell people that they should not lose the hope of their loved ones." In all these years he has always known from doctors that his mother was a hopeless case. "But whenever I had doubts, I imagined you were her and I did everything to improve her condition."

source: "The National"


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