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Florian Silver Iron: Bad News! The pop Superstar to tremble …

on 22.06.2020 14:24 PM

This is Florian Silbereisen

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That doesn’t sound good. Bad news for Florian Silver Iron! The pop star gets the effects of the corona crisis.

Currently, many artists are faced with great challenges. Events with spectators is not possible, not even for a pop star Florian Silver Iron.

Florian silver iron must tremble – “Schlagerbooom” in 2020, is in danger

Now it became known that the Federal government wants to extend a measure to deal with the Corona-crisis – and of the would be Florian Silver Iron directly affected.

+++ Beatrice Egli makes it official! The singer is going to … +++

Since this week is more or less clear: The prohibition of large-scale events will be extended matching according to media reports. So far, the measure applied only to 31. August. Now the Federal government wants to decide that the ban should be extended until at least the end of October.

This could have serious consequences for Florian silver iron. Because of its traditional event, the “Schlagerbooom is” in danger. The Meet and Greet of the Schlager Elite is usually held in October/November.


This is Florian silver iron:

  • Florian Bernd silver iron on 4. August 1981 Birthday
  • He is a TV presenter and Schlager singer
  • Since 2004, Florian Silbereisen moderated “festivals of folk music”
  • Since 2015 member of the percussion trio Klubbb3
  • In January 2019, with silver iron as a future captain of the ZDF was presented the ship of dreams
  • Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer were for ten years a Couple of
  • By the end of 2018, Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer in friendship parted
  • Since then, silver iron has presented no new girlfriend
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Around 10,000 spectators receives Moderator Florian Silbereisen in the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund, Germany. However, due to the latest development of an Event with so many viewers, seems hardly conceivable. Florian silver iron must cancel the “beat boom” so probably.

New hit-Show on ARD

All Florian silbereisen the “beat boom will not cancel” but I guess not. The 38-Year-old had already for the “blow lover story 2020” to come up with something. Even without a spectator the whole was down five million viewers from home.


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Florian silver iron back on TV

25. July comes Florian silver iron with a new Show on TV. Then the show “Schlager, Stars and star – summer party in the ARD” at the Start.

Even if the Fans can’t see Florian live, the pop star can certainly think of something.

Florian silver iron-shattering confession provides

Recently, Florian silver iron made an unexpected and special confession of love in Facebook – even if differently than expected. All the info here>>>

Concern for appearances, musically, it runs but still

A little to the current in the case of silver-iron for a reason to be happy. Musically, it runs at the Ex-Helene Fischer-namely, well. >>> Here you read more. (fs)

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