Bad news for people who want to get a tattoo … A new rule will come into force

Europe has decided to toughen the rules on colors for tattoos, says the DH. From January 2022, several types of inks will disappear from the market, including certain shades of red. In question, the toxicity of inks, and the composition of certain colors which must be reviewed. In January 2023, Europe plans to remove other pigments, such as blue or green.

The problem is that today inks are mixed with chemicals, some of which are dangerous to health. The purpose of this rule hardening is therefore to make tattooing safer for people with tattoos.

According to professionals, all inks on the market are in the same boat since the tolerance limits for these substances are too low. The tattoo artists’ palettes would therefore have to empty? To face this hard blow for the sector, a petition has been launched, in Belgium and internationally.


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