Bad weather, schools closed tomorrow 19 May in Emilia Romagna due to weather alerts: the list of Municipalities

Emilia Romagna and Marche flood

Where will schools be closed due to bad weather tomorrow, Friday 19 May, in Emilia Romagna? Here is the updated list of municipalities that have decided to suspend lessons in institutions of all levels due to the weather alert: from Ravenna to Imola.

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Emilia Romagna and Marche flood

The emergency continues bad weather in Emilia Romagna. Also for tomorrow, Friday 19 Maythe rain and the alert for the waterways they don’t give a break. For this reason, some municipalities have decided to keep schools of all levels closed, for safety reasons and as a precaution, as has already happened in recent days.

The communication of school closures for tomorrow, Friday 19 May, it has already arrived from the municipal administrations of Imola e Ravenna. The closure has also been decided for Saturday 20 May.

“The municipality of Ravenna has ordered the closure of schools tomorrow, Friday 19 May, and Saturday 20, due to the persistence of the serious conditions in the municipal area caused by the meteorological events of recent days which are causing flooding in various areas. It is specified that the ordinance provides for the closure of educational services, of schools of all types and levels including vocational education and training centres, youth aggregation centres, day centers for the elderly and disabled and socio-employment centres. The closure of cemeteries and the suspension of street markets have also been confirmed”, reads the communication released via Facebook.

The same decision was taken by the municipalities of Cervia (also on May 20) e Cesena (also on the 20th).

A faience, in particular, and in all the other five Municipalities of the Union of Romagna Faentina (Brisighella, Casola Valsenio, Castel Bolognese, Riolo Terme, Solarolo) schools of all levels are closed until Monday 22 May included. Street markets, sporting, cultural and social activities, public events are suspended for the time being until the same date.

Schools open instead in Bologna, with some exceptions for reachability or infiltration issues. In fact, they will remain closed there Longhena primary school and kindergarten Casaglia, because they cannot be reached safely due to landslides in the hilly area. The kindergarten is also closed Follereau due to infiltrations that require further interventions.

The list of municipalities that have decided to close schools for tomorrow due to bad weather is in update and others could be added in the next few hours. Remember that days lost due to bad weather cannot be recoveredas established by the Miur for “force majeure”, and the school year remains valid even if the 200 days of lessons have not been respected.


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