“Badly placed to make remarks”: Samuel criticizes his cousin’s look but it is her appearance that shocks (video)

This Thursday, July 29, Samuel lit up the Incredible Transformations set with his “ultra-bright” smile. Nicolas Waldorf, hairdressing expert on the show, said he was “dazzled” by the arrival of this candidate with whitened teeth and tanned skin. “I’m here for my cousin Madison. I would like to give her a little boost with her looks”, explained Samuel, lamenting that this one only dresses“with cartoon pajamas”.

Many viewers lamented Samuel’s lack of naturalness, and pointed to the paradox of the situation: “The guy with his ultra UV neon teeth is in a bad position to comment on other people’s looks”, wrote a viewer on Twitter. “He’s scary with his Ken head”, estimates another, in reference to the husband of Barbie. “Gotta take it easy on teeth whitening boy!”, writes a third Internet user …

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