Badminton|Chen Yufei lamented physical and mental exhaustion, “No game is completed because of desire and happiness.” Fans feel distressed (19:19) – 20230302 – Sports – Instant News

Chen Yufei said that after winning the women’s singles gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics, the National Games, Sudirman Cup and Uba Cup and other events followed one after another, causing “I can’t eat or sleep almost every day, and I don’t know why. My body I had no energy, and my spirit was very heavy, so I started to suffer from frequent fatigue injuries.” For the lack of success in the championship in the past 9 months, she blamed it on personal responsibility and fighting for points. “Because my name is Chen Yufei, I still need to continue Going into competitions… it becomes very mentally numbed… you can’t lose, everyone says you can’t lose”.

She also revealed that she has gradually understood what it means to be mentally and physically exhausted, because of “one race after another, one final after another, an endless vicious circle”, and even had to withdraw from a competition in India due to gastroenteritis, but said “It was a blessing in disguise Let’s rest for a while!” Her fans had many responses, saying “Athletes are human beings, and I feel distressed”, “It turns out that athletes can stop playing if they don’t want to. It’s really not up to them to decide”, and ” There are serious problems with the coaching staff, and sooner or later an athlete who uses it like this will be scrapped.”

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