Bahaa Kafi encourages mothers to breastfeed in public places with bold images


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Posted: Friday, March 1st

After the actress Nancy Ajram showed her support for breastfeeding with her third daughter, "Leah", the singer Bahaa Kafi decided to support the same case, but with more daring images.

Bahaa Kafi published her account using Instagram, accompanied by her second son Kayan, and was breastfed in a public place.

"No matter where we are, when our child is hungry in a second, his food is ready, is there anything better than the nature and instinct that God created?" The author commented: "I had a busy journey, I started with my daughter Joya and lasted a year and seven months, and thank God I did not witness the torment of weaning, she did it for me."

He went on to say, "Now with my son, Kayan, I've reached six months of breastfeeding, and the journey continues, thank God!" He said.

"Unfortunately, not all doctors are encouraged to breastfeed," he said. "I have heard unfortunate stories about doctors asking mothers to stop breastfeeding for ridiculous reasons, (the haram of your child cries hungry weak milk) and (the boy is weak) and (continue to give eating your child is now great).

"My goal is to support any mother who feels exhausted and flattened, normalizing breastfeeding in public places and sharing with me a part of me, the nursing mother, not my goal of frustrating anyone", concluded. "All mothers are wonderful and do a great job, be they children or not".

This is not the first time that Bahaa Kafi has been involved in supporting breastfeeding in public places, she has already published and published a photo of her in a children's park, nursing her daughter.

Bahaa Kafi participated in the first season of Star Academy and has reached advanced levels.

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