Bailey and Ben will receive a divorce in "Gray's Anatomy"? Their marriage could be in danger


Like many imaginary couples that have had their beginning Gray & # 39; s Anatomy, Miranda Bailey and Ben Warren faced a series of obstacles during their relationship. However, their fight during the Thursday night's episode of Station 19 he made it clear that their marriage could be in real danger. So Bailey and Ben divorced Gray & # 39; s Anatomy? This usually solid pair is preparing to face their biggest obstacle yet.

The fight that took place has been something in the horizon for a long time now. For weeks, Bailey made mention gray how much stress and anxiety has been trying lately. That's why he opted to reduce his surgeries and temporarily resign as head of surgery at the Gray Sloan Memorial. Yet, even after taking all these precautions, she still felt anxious and worried all the time. It was then that she began to realize that it was not her workload that she was so stressed-it was her husband's high-risk job as a fireman.

Ben puts his life on the line for people every day going to burn buildings and getting into dangerous scenarios. This is because he is a good man who wants to save lives, but in doing so, he is unintentionally caused a serious disturbance in the life of his wife. If he does not give her the news after a certain point of the day, she worries that something has happened to him and is taking her away to the point where she needs to make her feelings known.

Mitch Haaseth / ABC

The decision to face Ben became even more urgent after Bailey discovered a document from her insurance company that had implemented a subsidy policy for her in case Ben died while out on the job. Add this to his inability to respond to his text messages and everything boiled, bringing Bailey to an unexpected conclusion.

"I love you so much Benjamin Warren, so much … I feel like we're so strong … We've spent so much together and I know we can overcome this too," explained Bailey. "I need a gap year, I need to lower the stress … I can not spend every day asking me to feel good … I feel like I can get together if we take … a break from our marriage".

And while Bailey made it clear that this does not mean in any way that their marriage or relationship ended in any way, Ben told her he believed that if they did, it would be "the first step on the road to divorce", which is not it's what they want both. But Bailey was firm in her sabbatical idea, knowing she had to take some time for herself to feel better. Because if he does not expect him to come home, he will not be worried about his return home.

"I can not breathe," he told him during a heart-rending speech. "My heart gets up and I do not feel like I am afraid to marry you when you put your life at stake every day, I'm afraid it can kill me … I love you but I worry you're literally breaking my heart ".

And with that, Ben takes some of his stuff and leaves (for the moment), but not before giving her a big kiss goodbye. So this decision will show that Ben is right and will eventually lead to divorce? It's hard to say. Since he told her he wanted to be a fireman, it was a point of contention. Jason George, who plays Ben, told Bustle just before the Station 19 premiere that Ben and Bailey will have their problems, but eventually they will find their way together. Let's hope.

The fact that Bailey was so honest with Ben about how he was feeling shows that they have a good chance of making it. Openness and honesty are the cornerstones of every solid marriage and because they both listen and really want to make it work, after all they may be able to overcome this obstacle after all. If some duo can do it, it's these two.


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