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With almost all of Los Little Monkeys outside (only Nacho remains), the Big Brother House begins to take on another color. There are no longer so many “safe enemies” to send to plaque and take them out, the strategies begin to rearm and the alliances begin to turn. In the midst of this rearrangement, Romina and Julieta faced Coti and put the points to full.

Coti is one of the strongest players, and at least “outside” she is seen reaching the decisive instances. She quickly allowed herself to be seen as a very frontal, sincere and fun girl -her Corrientes tune helped her a lot-, she went to the front without hesitation with the Cone and bought many women when he confessed to Juliet that he had discovered orgasm thanks to the love skills of the Cordovan.

One word (“It’s over!”) got him to the cover of a Paraguayan newspaperand when he asked people to vote for Juanyour sentence “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go” It became a trend on social networks and one of the registered trademarks of the program. El Tachero was eliminated with the second highest percentage of votes in the history of reality, only surpassed by Nadia Epstein.

But just as all this is highlighted, Coti is also criticized for his “individualistic and capricious” personality, according to scrutiny carried out on Twitter, the social network where the program has a kind of “second life” or parallel competition.

Y something about that Romina and Juliet told him -two other candidates, especially the model- when they faced her “front march” in the women’s room. “I know that you are little, but at your age I already had a life. You are a very good person, you are a great girl, but there are things that you have to change. You have to download 20 thousand changes, Co. And don’t tell them We say it wrong, we tell you because we love you. You have to stop being such a woman and be a woman, not so whimsical, do you understand? It will serve you for life, not just for here” the former deputy threw him.

Juliet I was next to him and listened waiting for his turn. But Romina never finished, so she took advantage of a minimal “bump” in her speech to insert the wedge and tell her “Look, for my part I tell you that you don’t have to act so hot, do you understand? Because the other day when I told you something about Romi here, you told me “don’t defend her” and I was saying it because you didn’t listen to her, so you can see the other part of the story”.

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