Balanced confrontation between clearing and avant-garde, with temporary technical leadership in peace

Egypt is being drawn to the clearing counterpart Pioneers of the Army at exactly five o’clock this afternoon at Al-Salam stadium, within the fifteenth round of the general league competition in a difficult confrontation for the two teams who live in a downward spiral of decline this season. Vanguard in front of the Alexandria Union with three without response in the same round.

Egypt Clearinghouse occupies the fifteenth place in the league standings table with 11 points after playing 14 games, winning in two games, tied in 5 and losing 7 confrontations, its players scored 15 goals and conceded 23 goals, while Al-Tale’a occupies the sixteenth place with 11 points after playing 14 games won In two games, he drew in 5 meetings, lost 7 games, his players scored 12 goals, and conceded 21 goals.

Egypt will enter the clearing match today with a temporary technical leadership for Gamal Omar after the dismissal of Ahmed Hossam Mido from his position until the appointment of a new technical director and the Fayoumi team is seeking to achieve its third victory in the competition to launch an uprising plan in the competition, and the expected formation of the clearing before the Vanguards appears consisting of: Mahmoud Hamdy, Essam Sobhi Ahmed Moody, Asem Saeed, Ahmed Mohsen, Salah Rico, Mido Jaber, Muhammad Musaad, Muhammad Kanaria, Amr Maree, and Shamiles Beckley.

At the same pace, Al-Taleea will enter today’s match with temporary technical leadership for Abdel Hamid Basyouni after Tariq Yahya’s apology to continue in his position. Al-Taleea is seeking to achieve his third victory in the competition to start a new stage to move away from the bottom centers. The expected formation of Al-Taleea before clearing appears to be composed of: Mohamed Bassam, Mohamed Abu Al-Majd Bousha, Ali Al-Fil, Ahmed Sami, Asem Salah, Al-Gabouni, Frank Stephen Anjoanga, Muhannad Lasheen, Senegalese Tala Ndi, Ahmed Moussa Kaboria, Ahmed Samir Mohamed, Nasser Mansi.



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