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DISSOLUTED: Alec Baldwin photographed on the set after the shooting that took the life of film photographer Halyna Hutchins.

The sheriff’s office wants Alec Baldwin’s phone in his investigation. The actor responds to instagram.


Updated today 7:10 p.m.

The Sheriff’s Office in Santa Fe, New Mexico is investigating the shooting on the set of the film “Rust”, where cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was killed.

It was shots from Alec Baldwin’s prop pistol that took the life of the award-winning film photographer.

For a month, the sheriff’s office received a search warrant from a judge to seize Alec Baldwin’s cell phone, but the actor has not yet complied. The police must then have been encouraged to wait for consent, it is stated in the press release VG has been given access to.

– As of today, the phone has not been delivered to the authorities, the Sheriff’s Office writes in the press release.

Baldwin’s lawyer was informed of the search warrant as early as December 16.

Alec Baldwin has published a video on Instagram in which he refuses to comply with his wishes.

– Any statement that I do not comply with rules or orders about my phone is pissed. That’s a lie, Baldwin says, according to ABC.

Baldwin says he and the lawyer only follow the process that is when a state wants information from a person living in another state.

– It is a process that takes time. They need to specify what exactly they want. They can not just go through the phone, your pictures, love letters to his wife and stuff like that. But of course we will do as they say, we are doing just fine.

After the shooting there have been many rumors, and more civil lawsuits have already been filed.

Baldwin himself has not kept quiet while the investigation is ongoing, and has, among other things, appeared in an interview with ABC.

Here he answered no to questions about whether he feels guilty in the case.

– No. No. I might have killed myself even though I thought I was responsible, and I do not say that easily.

– Someone loaded a weapon with a sharp ammunition that should not even have been in the area. Someone is responsible for what happened, and I have no idea who who. But I know it’s not me, says Baldwin.

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