Ballotings in Tuscany, Lucca in Pardini. Serena Arrighi new mayor of Carrara

Florence, June 27, 2022 – One municipality each. The center-right takes Lucca with Mario Pardinithe center-left conquers Carrara with Serena Arrighi. These are the verdicts of the ballot. Serena Arrighi wins with rather broad consensus, which make her celebrate before midnight.

It will eventually settle on 57% of the preferences. Mario Pardini wins instead after an exciting head-to-head with the center-left candidate, Francesco Raspini. In the end Pardini is mayor with 51% of the preferences against 48% of the opponent. But the duel kept everyone in suspense. Relive, below, the live broadcast of the night.

Mario Pardini49, entrepreneur, has lived for a long time in different parts of the world including London and Argentina. To then return to Lucca, which will now find itself governing for the next five years. Also Serena Arrighi she is an entrepreneur. You are the CEO of BNova, a company that deals with big data. The center-right tears Lucca from the center-left of the former mayor Tambellini.

The experience of Five Stars movement by Francesco De Pasquale, with the center-left returning to govern. Arrighi is the second female mayor of Carrara in the history of the city after Emilia Fazzi Contigliwho sat in the seat of a citizen from 1994 to 1998. Relive, below, the salient phases of the election night.

Here Lucca / Here Carrara

Ore 1.40: “It almost seems to have won the World Cup”, says the MEP of the League Susanna Ceccardi, who went to the Municipality of Lucca to congratulate Pardini. “After ten years we snatch Lucca from the center-left, Mario Pardini is a good person-says Ceccardi-Mario Perdini deserved this result, he is a credible person”.

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Ore 0.40: Serena Arrighi returns to her victory. “I wasn’t sure about the numbers but it’s nice to win so clear. I think the most important thing was consistency and this message got to the voter. Abstention? There is work to be done but reporting good politics is the first step to bring citizens closer together. I made difficult choices and I thought they could still lead to victory. I’m used to difficulties, they don’t scare me. ”

Ore 0.32: Pardini is the new mayor of Lucca. The center-right therefore recaptures the city. “I thank those who believed in me from the first day and a person who no longer exists like Vincenzo Placido. It is not one side that prevailed over the other, the city has chosen. to mend the relationship with the electorate. I will do everything to deserve this chair. ”

Ore 0.17: the president of the regional council Antonio Mazzeo: “It’s a great night for the center-left! Serena Arrighi has won the seriousness, competence, coherence and an idea of ​​an open, modern and sustainable city. Transformism and agreements have been defeated of power, just like in Bientina “

Ore 0.16: Arrighi’s supporters celebrate in Carrara. The mayor is expected at the Palazzo Comunale, outside which many citizens have gathered.

Ore 0.15: overtaking of Pardini on Raspini when there are few sections to scrutinize. The long-distance duel between the two continues, really uncertain outcomes. At 58 sections scrutinized out of 86 Raspini is at 50%, Raspini at 49.9%.

Ore 0.06: Serena Arrighi is the new mayor of Carrara. With ten sections scrutinized by the end, Arrighi (center-left) has 57.1% of preferences against Caffaz’s 42.8%.

Ore 0.00: almost half of the sections scrutinized in Lucca. Less than a hundred votes separate the two contenders. It’s still heads up.

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Ore 23.55: Barattini (Pd), outgoing councilor in Carrara, considers victorious Serena Arrighi in an interview on 50 Canale. “We have the data coming to us from the sections and the numbers we receive leave us quite calm, I am very confident, it is difficult for us to lose”.

Ore 23.45: updates from Lucca, where the sections scrutinized are now 20. Raspini is ahead 51.1% to 48.8%, but the difference is just over a hundred votes.

Ore 23.42: in Carrara the center left already in strong advantage with Arrighi on Caffaz. With 19 sections scrutinized out of 71 Arrighi is at 57%, while Caffaz at 42%.

Ore 23.40: first seven sections a Lucca. Raspini of the center-left at 50.2%, Pardini and the center-right at 48.7%.

Ore 23.21: first section scrutinized a Lucca. Raspini (center-left) is at 59% against 40% of the center-right candidate Pardini.

Ore 23.17: Alberto Veronesi speaks in Lucca about the controversy with Calenda. “I think – he tells 50 Canale – that Calenda has contradicted himself. He has lost a lot of credit from the people of Lucca. And many of the people have followed my advice and have appreciated that I have kept to a consistency for the change”. Veronesi has openly declared his support for the center-right candidate and this has caused controversy in recent days. But why does he support the center-right? “The country – he says – needs center-right policies, there is a need to protect minimum wages and the extreme fragility caused by inflation. This protection is not coming from the center left”.

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Ore 23.09: inflows that seem to be decreasing. After the surveys at 12 and 19, very low participation numbers are expected.

Ore 23.01: away to counting the votes. The polling stations are closing, with the influxes that are in any case low.

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