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As for Martin Kind, Takuma Asano is still a minute away Hannover 96 standing in the square. The managing director issued a ban on playing for the Japanese Arsenal loan. In another use, the Bundesliga should have purchased the attacker. The "Gunners" are not amused, but they can still hope for a sale – thanks to 96 coach Thomas Doll.

In the near future, Hannover 96 should probably not be able to represent the Arsenal. At least not with the desire to borrow a footballer from the Premier League club. For the "Gunners" prevails according to the British media reports – to put it mildly – amazement over the behavior of the Bundesliga in the case of Takuma Asano. The Japanese have parked the Japanese international until the end of the season in Lower Saxony. For one, so that the attacker prone to injury can collect the gaming practices that you will probably not get at the Arsenal. On the other hand, apparently with the hope of being able to sell it to the "Rossi". But with this latest bill, 96-managing director Martin Kind has now put an end to the English language.

Manager Heldt: "Coach Doll has received clear instructions"

Everything is not clear at Hannover 96

The relegation of the Bundesliga is hardly avoided for Hannover 96. But how would it go after with the "Reds"? This is currently still in the stars.

The powerful shareholder of the last table has decided not to use Asano from now on. The ban on playing for the 24-year-old "is transcribed", said the child "Sport Buzzer". Manager Horst Heldt confirmed the facts on Saturday at "Sky": "We have received orders for the team that we are no longer allowed to use it". Coach Thomas Doll "has a clear direction from the management, and you have to keep it, it's true, even if it's a little strange, but in the end you have to respect it." Asano was therefore Saturday at the Wolfsburg match not in the squad.

The background: in another use of Japanese, a purchase clause would apply. The future downgraded should buy the former Stuttgart (from 2016 to 2018 at the VfB under contract) consequently for a seven-digit transfer fee. More than one million to three million euros are spoken in various media. For a child apparently too much money for a man who scored no goals in his 13 Bundesliga appearances (nine from the start) and gave no model.

No good prospects with the "Gunners"


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Change coach, sporting director Zoff and Selbstzerfleischung in Hannover 96: The Sportclub Story analyzed a completely messy season and shows a football team that does not stop.

At the Arsenal, the 24-year-old still has a contract dated to 2020. The fact that Asano can have a new opportunity in the current Premier League in fourth position after his mixed season in the Hannover shirt, it seems at least very questionable. Probably because of this, the "Gunners" – responsible "angry" for the ban on the game for the loan to be, as he says in the British media. Apparently they speculated that the purchase clause would apply. Or the Japanese can at least show up at the end of the season in order to make it so interesting to other clubs.

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The Bundesliga club VfL Wolfsburg receives Hannover 96 on Saturday for the Lower Saxony duel. At the bottom of the table, football boss Martin Kind gave his trainer Thomas Doll a job guarantee.

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