Banca March launches a deposit combined with discretionary portfolio management at 3.4% for high net worth

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In the war to attract customers, Banca March has decided this time to focus its commercial offer on the most sophisticated profiles. The entity has launched a new deposit combined with discretionary portfolio management with a term of 12 months and an interest of 3.40% to maturity. Thus, 50% of the total investment is allocated to the deposit and the other 50% to a GDC Renta Fija Óptima mandateas explained by the entity.

On the one hand, it offers an interesting remuneration on short-term deposits, while, in the medium term, the fixed income portfolio allows you to opt for additional returns with the tax advantages and flexibility of investment funds. The Combined Deposit with GDC Renta Fija Óptima 50/50 at 12 months is exclusive for new contracts of GDC Renta Fija Óptima, which invests in a diversified portfolio of debt with high credit quality that aims to beat the financial-fiscal profitability of the Letters of the Treasury.

The minimum amount in the deposit must be equal to that contributed in discretionary management. Thus, the total minimum investment (deposit + GDC) will be 50,000 euros, 100,000 euros or 200.00 euros, depending on the profile of each client. The product does not allow early cancellation and, initially, it can only be contracted in the entity’s offices until January 31, 2024, although it is expected that it will also soon be available on Avantio, Banca March’s investment platform. .

According to the bank, this combined product “was created in response to the need” to find an alternative to Treasury Bills before the end of the year.

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