Banks responded positively to the call for an upward reassessment of the contactless payments ceiling, seen as one of the barrier gestures that could limit the risk of Covid-19 contamination.

The limit for contactless bank cards is revised upwards from Monday 11 May. It goes from € 30 to € 50 to allow users to cover their purchases even more thanks to contactless contact, which appears to be one of the barrier gestures likely to limit the risk of contamination with the new coronavirus virus. Each bank must inform its customers and merchants. Overall, the banks responded positively to the call, especially the neobanks. ING France “Is pleased with the increase in the contactless payment ceiling to 50 euros, which is part of the evolution of our customers’ behavior: contactless accounts for 40% of card payments in stores in March 2020 at ING. It is also a protective measure by preventing consumers from having to operate payment terminals ”.

For most customers, this change is done automatically. For example, La Banque Postale customers have nothing to do. Everything has been set to be active as of May 11. For others, however, the customer must make a manipulation, a withdrawal or a payment with code. The ceiling being configured in the card chip for certain banks, an update must be made by connecting to the bank’s server. The merchant must also have updated his payment terminal for this to work. Questioned by The world, GIE CB estimated on May 7 that about 90% of the maps would be up to date by May 11. Customers were normally informed by their bank. We contacted the main neobanks in our file. Here is their answer (other answers will be added to the list below).

The switching of our customers’ cards started on April 29 and was finalized on Monday, May 11. To update his card, the customer must make two withdrawals from an ATM with the entry of his confidential code. All our cards have this functionality (“contactless” activated by default on our cards and automatically operational once the 2 withdrawals with confidential code entry made) but the customer can choose to never activate it – or deactivate it at any time moment – directly and free in your personal space“.

Boursorama customers can also make their payments without contact, with their mobile and / or their connected watch, compatible with the Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay or Garmin Pay wallets.

“Contactless” is activated by default but the customer can deactivate and reactivate this functionality very simply from the ING application or site. The customer will simply have to make a withdrawal or a payment with entering the secret code. The acceptance of a contactless transaction up to € 50 will nevertheless depend on the progressive updating of the payment terminals.

At Orange Bank, we declare that this will be effective from Wednesday May 13 and without any manipulation.

All Revolut cards went up to the ceiling of € 50 from the beginning of April, and no manipulation is to be done by customers.

All Ma French Bank cards are ready and customers do not have to do anything to benefit from the new ceiling.

This change is effective now for Fortuneo customers subject to the update by merchants of their payment terminal.

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