bankers who download themselves on their customers


Officials of Swiss banks, accused of having participated in a vast system of tax evasion, deny any responsibility and blame their clients.

Dieter Kiefer (center), former head of UBS France International, and Markus Diethelm, general advisor of the UBS AG group, at the Paris court on 8 November.

Banker work is not an easy task, especially when it comes to managing the money of discrete customers. Here, summarizing, one of the basic lines on which the former and current leaders of the Swiss bank UBS AG evolved in a difficult balance, suspected of having participated in a vast system of tax fraud for money laundering.

If thousands of French UBS account holders in Switzerland have not declared their assets to the French tax authorities, as has been shown by the regularization cells in recent years, the bank has nothing to do with this, repeat the defendants beginning of their trial, five weeks ago. "In thirty years of private bankers, a customer never told me:" I'm a tax fraudster. "It is the client's responsibility to pay his taxes", October 25 Raoul Weil, former number three of UBS AG, the Swiss parent company.

The public prosecutor denounces "the hypocrisy"

"We did not have the means to know if customers had declared their taxes or nothe added. On average, they had five accounts in different institutions. And there was no requirement for Swiss or French banks to verify " their fiscal situation. "Laws do not require banks to become tax services, neither in Switzerland nor elsewhere"four days later Alain Robert, representing UBS AG at the helm. On Thursday, November 8th, the prosecutor Serge Roques denounced a "Hypocrisy" and summarizes his feeling: "UBS knew it but looked elsewhere."

"In thirty years of private banker, never a customer told me" I am a tax fraudster ", assured, on October 25, Raoul Weil, former number three of UBS AG, the Swiss parent company.

In their desire to convince the court that no irregularities have been committed by the Swiss bank, some defendants have sometimes handed …


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