Bankinter opens the pension plan campaign with up to 6% for transfers

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The banks are beginning to encourage the pension plan campaign for the end of the year. Bankinter has been one of the first to step forward with a commercial offer over the coming months to attract pension plans from other entities that will reward up to 6% of the amount transferred.

According to a statement issued by the entity, for an amount of less than 60,000 euros of pension plan balance or EPSV, Bankinter offers clients a 4% cash bonus. For balances that exceed this figure, the remuneration offered is 5%.

In both cases, if the transfer is made to any plan in the Premium range and remains in said range during the permanence commitment, the client will receive an additional 1% credit. Premium pension plans are global, multi-asset pension fund portfolios that make sustainable, dynamically managed investments and have five different investment profiles.

To access these bonuses, The minimum length of stay is seven yearsuntil January 31, 2031. The maximum amount to be remunerated is 10,000 euros.

As an additional complement to this remuneration, new and current clients of the entity may receive an extra bonus of 0.25% if they make an additional contribution of 1,500 euros and maintain assets in pension plans of 30,000 euros or more at the end of the year. .

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