Banned? 97% of users claim to continue receiving commercial calls

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96.6 percent of consumers receive unsolicited commercial calls, even though they are banned since the end of last Juneaccording to a survey carried out by the consumer organization Facua, reported in a statement.

The survey, in which 6,065 consumers participated between September 20 and 22, shows that the 56.9% of respondents claims that he has received more than five sales calls in the last month.

Furthermore, 57.4% of those affected who have expressly asked the teleoperator not to bother them again have subsequently received a new call offering them the services of the same company.

The services with the highest number of unauthorized commercial calls are telecommunications, mentioned by 72.4% of consumers who say they have received them, followed by energy services, mentioned by 62.1% of those surveyed.

At a great distance are insurance (22%), calls to offer alarms (5.3%) and loans (5.3%), according to the Facua survey.

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