Banned Iceland palm oil Christmas ad & # 39; too much political & # 39;


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The Icelandic head office is located in Deeside, Flintshire

A Christmas advertisement highlighting the impact of palm oil on the environment will not be shown after it has been judged "too political".

The Icelandic food company, based on cheese, wanted to use a Greenpeace animation that told the story of the destruction of the rainforest and the impact on orangutan.

But it has not been approved by Clearcast, the agency that evaluates advertisements against the UK Broadcast Advertising Code.

The CEO of Iceland, Richard Walker, said he had been "completely destroyed".

"It was banned, so you will not see it on TV," he told the BBC.

"We were told that it was judged too politically, so we were absolutely gutted because we wanted to share this message far and wide and underline the commitment of Iceland to remove palm oil from all our products by the end of this year ".

Clearcast stated that the announcement "violated the ban on political advertising", which included "an advertisement posted by or on behalf of a body whose objects are wholly or mainly of a political nature" – referring to its origins as an announcement of Greenpeace.

Iceland has posted the video on its social media, and has been shared 200,000 times on Facebook by Friday.


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