Bar Veraz, a sensory boomerang


It's thirty-six in the afternoon and I stayed for dinner. I trio a table at the end of the place, I ask for a glass of wine, I detect the private one we have reserved for later and unscrew the computer to take advantage of the time until the people begin to arrive. Space is stimulating and evocative. In fact, it's going up the hotel lobby and forgets you're in Barcelona. You could be anywhere in the world but you still feel at home: warm, comfortable, welcoming. I'm at the Veraz Bar, just opened on the zero floor of this hotel created by Ian Schrager, founder of the legendary Studio 54 disco. The hotel has positioned itself quickly as one of the hot spots of the city and the Veraz Bar promises to be a testimony of the best stories. And not only that: it is also a pioneer of a new gastronomic concept at the hands of the chef and creative of the Argentine director Sebastián Mazzola (Pakta, Bodega 1900, Tickets) and Sussie Villarico, founders of the global movement cook on the go. The menu offers Mazzola's vision of classic Mediterranean dishes with a touch of exoticism as a result of their travels around the world. Beware of Shakshūk : Baked eggs with spicy tomato sauce and Swiss and Swiss cheese. And to sweet potatoes with feta and walnuts or croquettes with herb emulsion accompanied by pickled mussels. A sensory boomerang that will leave a mark.

Now it's 9 pm and people start to reach it. Everyone discusses the design and the uniqueness of the premises. Here comes the parade of dishes and saucers and we can see what they defend: Fresh product, directly on the plate from the Santa Caterina market and a kitchen open all day, adapting to the impossible times of all. All the desire to swing the contemporaneity.

Avenida de Francesc Cambé, 14 (Barcelona)


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