Bara: Dembl is already ready to extend the adventure

Sparkling and applauded by Camp Nou on Wednesday against Real Sociedad (1-0) in the King’s Cup, FC Barcelona winger Ousmane Dembl confirmed his excellent form at the moment. More fulfilled than ever, the Frenchman already seems ready to prolong the pleasure in Catalonia.

Ousmane Dembl walks on water with the Bara.

Between FC Barcelona and its winger Ousmane Dembl, the story could have ended very badly in January 2022. But after long and difficult negotiations for a contract extension, the Frenchman finally chose to stay. The idyll has resumed, and in what way!

Ardently supported by his coach Xavi, the former Rennais has established himself as an indisputable starter and an attacking leader in the Blaugrana eleven in recent months. The vice-world champion also perfectly returns the confidence that is granted to him on the ground.

Seems ready to extend!

Particularly in good shape this month of January, with three goals to his name in all competitions (out of 9 goals scored this season), the native of Vernon most certainly reached his peak in Barcelona on Wednesday by giving, after a high quality performance , the victory for the Blaugrana against Real Sociedad (1-0) in the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey. Applauded by the Camp Nou at the time of his exit, the 25-year-old talent was able to measure his new popularity rating in Barcelona.

Dembl is inevitably having his best time in Spain, to the point of already considering a new contract extension with Bara! According to the daily Sport this Friday, Dembl, who finds himself fulfilled in his personal life as well as on the pitch, seems motivated by the idea of ​​extending his lease beyond June 2024. The Habs show a clear desire to remain Catalonia in the years to come.

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Itinerary of a return to the fore

Therefore, the Barcelona leaders should quickly establish dialogue with the entourage of the French. The latter, attached to the idea of ​​keeping their jewel recruited for more than 100 million euros in 2017, would also be well inspired. number 7 will again enter the last year of his contract next July. Which would make it a particularly attractive target on the market and give President Joan Laporta a cold sweat.

One thing is certain: this time around, the former Borussia Dortmund phenom has found the perfect setting to shine. And this return to the fore is not due to the mere fruit of chance. It is, as Mundo Deportivo explains, the logical result of the new well-being of the Frenchman, now flourishing within the cule formation. But also of a rigorous work of watching videos which allows Dembouz to erase, on the advice of his trainer Xavi, his faults but also to improve his decision-making! Suffice to say that the Dembl version 2023 has everything from an excellent vintage!

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