Barack Obama's visit to Cologne: selfie is a lot of money


Cologne –

Welcome, Mr. President! On 4 April 2019, the Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama (57) arrives in Cologne (read here). Anyone who wants to be there when the 44th President of the United States appears at the "World Leadership Summit" can make purchases: on offer: dinner, drinks and a selfie with Obama.

Visit to Cologne: Selfie with Barack Obama is expensive

For an hour Barack Obama will participate in a moderate conversation and will comment on future issues and leadership in politics and society.

If you really want to approach the charismatic speaker once in a lifetime, you can buy on in the limited "Golden Circle Lodge" with the best view of the stage – for 5000 euros, plus VAT.

Be present at the exclusive "Dinner & # 39; s Dinner" with the former President of the United States

Then there is the participation in the exclusive dinner of the leader, including food and drink. And – as a unique opportunity – your photo with Barack Obama. But beware: the photo is for private use only and may not be published.

15,000 tickets are sold for Barack Obama's visit to Cologne

A total of 15,000 tickets will be sold in the evening. For Obama's poorer fans, there are 87.55 euro tickets – in first place, directly under the roof of the pavilion. Who wants to sit inside or on the sides of the subordinate, pay 156.55 euros. And then there are premium packages (from € 255) and seats in Eventim Lodge 421 (from € 300).

Barack Obama: $ 400,000 for one appearance

How much money Obama gets for his appearance in the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, it is not known. For a speech to New York bankers, he is said to have earned $ 400,000, according to the "New York Times" two years ago.

The city controls the wishes of visitors to the 44th president of the United States

Barack Obama's visit: a little sensation. Also for the city of Cologne. "The protocol is currently undergoing further details on the planned visit, such as duration, and also possible requests for visits from the former president in experience," said city spokesman Alexander Vogel on the EXPRESS request.

The Cologne police want to examine the threat situation

In terms of security, vulnerability assessment would still be pending, police spokeswoman Annemarie Schott said: "Security measures are coordinated, planned and implemented in close consultation and cooperation with the organizer".

The organizers founded "Thought tank" in 2012

But who exactly is the organizer? The "World Leadership Summit" will be organized by Klaus Ulrich of Aachen, co-founder of DEAG AG, promoter of the concert and representative of Herbert Grönemeyer, in collaboration with the company "Gedankentanken" founded in 2012 as a startup.

supply thoughts

Stefan Fädrich and Alexander Müller, owner of the "Thought tank" startup in Cologne.

Communicate good thoughts effectively

This is led by the owners Dr. Stefan Fädrich and Alexander Müller. The two explain that their goal is to guide people on their individual paths to self-realization by effectively communicating good thoughts.

The goal is to create a motivating environment in the context of online events, seminars and courses and to transmit knowledge that, for example, as a self-employed worker and entrepreneur, personally advance people.



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