Barbados is officially a republic: end of the rule of the crown of England

The islands Barbados they are officially an independent republic: the Queen Elizabeth II of England she is no longer recognized as a head of state. The turning point was announced a year ago, when the premier of the then parliamentary monarchy Mia Mottle had declared: “Barbados wants a Barbadian head of state“. From midnight, everything is official.

The island among the Caribbean and the Atlantic – famous for the rum, the white beaches and for being the birthplace of the pop star Rihanna – she was the last to have not yet renounced control of the Commonwealth and the Queen of England as head of state after the islands Mauritius (1992), Trinidad e Tobago (1976), Dominica (1978) e Guyana (1970). An influence so recognized by the people that the cricket, born in English meadows and trained thoroughbreds, he had become national sport.

The archipelago became one British colony officially in 1627 and held that status until its independence on November 30th 1966. Then in the 2015 the Barbadian authorities had announced a similar plan to that of these days for November 2016, when the country celebrated the 50 years since independence, but then nothing came of it. The situation remained unchanged until a year ago, when it came announced that in November 2021 Barbados would become one republic. And so it was. Tuesday 23 november, on independence day, a ceremony with Rihanna and Charles of England hailed the historic event, symbolized by the removal of the British royal flag and the swearing in of the former governor general Dame Sandra Mason as first President of the island.

Thus, at the stroke of midnight Monday 29, the official nature of the historical moment is sanctioned by a message from Queen Elizabeth II, which sends to the island and its 287 thousand inhabitants “The warmest wishes for happiness, peace and prosperity”. The queen also recalled the alliance “based on common values, shared prosperity and close cooperation”And said she was satisfied that Barbados“ will remain an active participant in the Commonwealth“. “I am eager to continue the friendship between our two countries and peoples,” he concluded.

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