Barbie is 60 years old!


The Barbie doll celebrates this Saturday, March 9, its 60 years … And to say that has not lost a pass.

C & # 39; is 60 years, is born Barbie. The famous doll was born on March 9th 1959 thanks to Ruth Handler.

Barbie, an icon of the company

From its creation, the famous doll Barbie he was able to adapt to changes in society and renew himself, while remaining faithful to his image: that of helping girls to dream of their adult life.

Barbie has even become more than just a toy, she has become an icon of society, a collector's item. "Sixty years are huge in a toy industry where, today, a success lasts three to five years ", launches Nathan Baynard, world director of marketing for the Barbie doll.

For his 60 years, Mattel announce a Astrophysical Barbie under a license agreement with National Geographic.

A doll criticized for a long time

In her early days, the doll was criticized for her stereotypical portrayal of women like California's blonde pin-up girl. "It corresponded to the canons of the beauty of its time " supplication Carlyle Nuera, one of the brand's designers.

Barbie he has long been persecuted by this image of superficial, rich and lazy woman.

Barbie evolves over the years

Astronaut, surgeon, fireman, sportswoman, pilot … Since his birth, Barbie has made more than one 200 different trades.

Over time it has also become brown, red, mestizo, lanky, round … Continue to seduce many children and struggles to keep up to date, even on social networks.

Creating a mother for her daughter

60 years ago, Ruth Handler, co-founder of Mattel, commercializes the first "pugly mannequin"bearing the name of Barbie, the one for her daughter Barbara and forshow the girls that they could become what they wantedIn her first year, the doll was sold for 300 copies.

According to Mattel, his creator, 58 million copies they are sold every year in over 150 countries. In total, over one billion Barbie dolls were sold from its presentation at the New York Toy Show on March 9, 1959.

Some historical Barbie dates

1959 : The first announcement for Barbie is shown on television at the Mickey Mouse Club.

1963 : Barbie he becomes an astronaut.

1967 : Model Twiggy is the first star to be entitled to her Barbie doll. Subsequently, Lady Gaga, Kate and William, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson or Marilyn Monroe will be entitled to a toy with their effigy.

1973 : Barbie he becomes a surgeon.

1975 Barbie is an athlete and wins the gold medal. The beginning of a long sports career.

1980 : The first Barbie black is marketed.

1992 : Barbie he enters politics and presents himself at his first presidential elections. It will be again in 2004 and 2008.

1999 : After being a professor of art, dance, aerobics and teacher, Barbie he becomes a sign language teacher.

2000 : Barbie become president!

2014 : Ella, a friend of Barbie cancer, it is created. Children treated with chemotherapy receive one of these models for free.

2014 : Barbie becomes influencer with the launch of her Instagram account @barbiestyle. It reaches almost 2 million subscribers.

2019 : Barbie makes its range more inclusive with two new dolls: one in a wheelchair, the other with a prosthetic leg.



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