Barcelona 24 Hours race: at the finish Lithuanians said they were “hungry for victories”

You can find the race record in the 24h series account.

The course of the race

Finish. RD Signs, chasing its main competitors Leipert, within 10 p.m. (only drove that much due to repairs after the accident at the start) reduced the backlog by almost half an hour. However, this was not enough to take first place in the GTX division in both this race and the 24h series championship. But silver is also good, especially for debutantes! And in the general standings, the people of Šiauliai are P23, having risen to it from P36.

VIDEO: Barcelona 24 Hours race: RD Signs Šiauliai team podium

Utah Racing was very close to finishing third in the overall championship standings. However, I’ve had some success with CODE60 situations. Team Audi finished P7 at the Barcelona 24 Hours. hell in the overall standings. But won 3rd place in the GT division of the season!

Morning, 10:30 a.m. (finish at 2 p.m.). Utah Racing moved up a notch overnight. They are now P6 overall in this race but are fighting for bronze in the championship. Haris Aleksandravičius tells us what challenges the people of Kaunas face. In addition to Utah, Dinamic Motorsprt and Hubert Racing are aiming for the third place in the championship, which must be overtaken:

GT3 class 24h series results up to the Barcelona 24h race

GT3 class 24h series results up to the Barcelona 24h race

RD Signs ran stable overnight with no errors. It remains to regret the accident at the start. If it weren’t for her, the people of Šiauliai would fight for the first place in the GTX class. And now you want to chase Leipert’s green Lambo, but it’s not easy. If, two hours before the finish, the competitors are still driving, the people from Šiauliai will have to settle for second place in the GTX division. Overall, they rose from P36 to P25. GTX is also P2 so far. Team manager Eugenijus Andrulis comments:

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GTX class 24h series results up to the Barcelona 24h race

GTX class 24h series results up to the Barcelona 24h race

Until midnight. Nothing went “off the plan” at the Utah Racing camp. And the people of Šiauliai experienced two more adventures.

VIDEO: Benzingalvio svajonė: Barcelona 24h series, night view with onboard

While Audriis Butkevičiis was driving, a Porsche drove into his rear without calculating the distance and damaged the wing. I had to stop in the pits, cut off part of the broken wing.

Later, Paulis Paškevičiis “managed” to hug the wheels of the TCR cars, the tire valve was damaged, he started to let air. And I had to go to the pits again. The people of Šiauliai are currently P3 overall and P3 in the GTX class. Utah – P8 overall.

21.00 val. The RD Signs Lamborghini crashed at the start and was “resurrected” by the technicians, but it seems to be running without complications so far. After staying in the garage for a few hours, the Šiauliai team rationally increases the pace, does not overpress. RD Signs has outscored one competitor in the GTX class and is 34th out of 36 in the overall standings.

VIDEO: 24h series in Barcelona: emotions after repairing the Lambo after the accident and a cold shower

Utah Racing traditionally climbs up the overall standings step by step, maneuvering between P7-9 depending on fueling. Comment from team leader Haris Aleksandravičius:

16.15 val. “Lamborghini” from Šiauliai is back on the track. The technicians of the RD Signs team changed important parts of the chassis and repaired the body. Paulius Paškevičius is chasing the main competitor in the fight for the first place in the championship – the green “Leipert” Lambo no. 710.

Utah racing Audi no. 71 (Eimantas Navikauskas) – so far P8 in the overall standings. But everything is still ahead of us. In the first hour alone, CODE60 was published three times.

Starting up. In the first minute of the start, Audrius Butkevičius, piloting the RD Signs Lamborghini, had a disappointing accident, getting into a meat grinder. During the next contact, Juto’s Audi GT3 got stuck a little, and the grille had to be fixed. The lights will need to be checked the night before.

The situation is very confusing. It appeared to A. Butkevičius that he was pushed by another Lambo – the main competitors. The traces of green paint on the rear left wheel also testify to that fact. During the incident, Porsche no. 904 (Red Ant Racing).

VIDEO: RD Signs Lamborghini crash at Barcelona 24 Hours at the start of the race and Audrias Butkevičius’ comment

About Lithuanian teams

Juta is a multiple winner of the Palanga race, and its pilot Jonas Gelžinis competed in the Porsche Carrera Cup for many years. This team takes the third place overall in the European division of the 24h series, and this is the highest achievement in the history of Lithuania. This time Audi is not driven by J. Gelžinis, A. Jablonskas, E. Navikauskas, P. August and legionnaire L. Viljoen.

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GT3 class 24h series results up to the Barcelona 24h race

GT3 class 24h series results up to the Barcelona 24h race

The RD Signs team is second in the GTX class and just two points behind the experienced Lambo of Leipert Motorsport. This race is decisive: whoever wins will win the first place in the championship. Šiauliai Lambo is piloted by Audrius Butkevičius, Paulius Paškevičius, Arturs Batraks, Nicola Michelon. The team refused the services of the Mexican legionnaire, about it – a filmed interview below.

GTX class 24h series results up to the Barcelona 24h race

GTX class 24h series results up to the Barcelona 24h race

Utah finished P8 in qualifying and RD Signs P12. Read more in related news.

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