Barcelona already signed an equally bad start … And they won La Liga!

It was losing Barcelona this Saturday’s game in the metropolitan and realizing the harsh reality that it is living. The team plays nothing, he wanders the playing fields in most games and is the victim of a brutal depression. Barcelona have three defeats and two draws in eight games, that is to say, in five days they have not gone home with the three points, something that should be the usual in a big team.

We have to Go back to the 1991-1992 season to see such a dire start of the azulgrana team. There is so much to go back in time when the League was two points for a victory, there were positives and negatives. The journey to be made is so long, neither more nor less, than 29 years, which was another era, was another football.

Ronald Koeman knows what we are talking about, he was the center-back of that team when the center-backs were not centrals, but Liberos, players who started the attack. And the way Ronald did it, with those long passes so common to him. It was the beginning of Dream Team, that team led by Johan Cruyff, a block that had won the League the previous year with considerable superiority, ending five years of Madrid hierarchy.

In those months at the end of 1991, Barcelona had lost three games on matchday eight. He had succumbed on visits to Seville, Gijón and had lost a game at the Nou Camp against Oviedo. He had drawn at the Bernabéu and Logroño and had only won three games, all at home (Real Sociedad, Zaragoza and Atlético de Madrid). It was a two-point league and Barcelona was with eight, in the middle of the table, but the figures were the same as in this terrible 2020.

However, the curiosity of that season is that things started to work after the eighth game. That afternoon, in Las Gaunas, the team had played to win, with great chances but they tied at two. The “Chapi” Ferrer He had been injured and in the following days the terrible crusader injury that made him miss the entire season was confirmed. From that afternoon on, everything changed in the team. A great run of results began to place Barcelona close to Madrid and little by little income was decreasing.

In mid-March, the two teams were already playing a game at the Camp Nou with the lead at stake that ended in a draw. A week later the team tied at the Calderón, but whites were still leaders by average. Barcelona would not take the lead until minute 64 of the last match of the championship, the first black afternoon for Real Madrid in Tenerife. Two weeks before the last league match, Cruyff’s team had won the European Cup and ended the season winning the double, in what was one of the best campaigns in Blaugrana history.

Barcelona does not seem to have a champion’s face this year, but football has shown that it is unpredictable. That what seems like an odyssey in November can be a success in May. That what is pink at Christmas can end in a nightmare. Barcelona showed that 1991 that a bad start doesn’t have to be a reason to jump off the cliff. It is true that not everything is equal to that distant season. To begin with, it seems that the coach had a clearer way of playing, if only because he had been at the club for four years. The one of now, player then, wants to impose a new system. That takes time but it is urgent to start working. Just so the corpse face will be a little better in a few months.


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