Barcelona asks for sanction for Esteban Paz, from Liga de Quito, for saying ‘clown’ to a manager of the Canary Islands

Barcelona and Liga de Quito live hours of tension. The two finalists of the Ecuadorian soccer championship LigaPro 2020 have faced each other at the desk with jobs and struggles in between. The last official letter presented by Barcelona is for a sanction request for Esteban Paz, from LDU.

The document argues and collects the statements that Paz made against Achilles Alvarez, manager of Barcelona. According to the textual wording of the document, Paz declared on radio La Red: “I will not allow anyone to try to taint the history of the club’s principles and values. We will take action on the case. The same leader (Álvarez) who calls to apologize for his DT (Bustos), is the same one who sought to sanction Repetto. It is an irresponsible way of acting, it has a definition: hypocrisy! “, Gave the manager.

In the next paragraph of the document it is argued that “it was not only enough (…) to call it hypocritical and say pressuring the referees another false accusation without evidence, but was also called by Mr. Paz as ‘Clown’, without underestimating the quality that is required for said profession, Mr. Aquiles Álvarez, is sports vice president of Barcelona Sporting Club, NOT a clown “, you can read in the document .

It also makes a reminder of the sanction that Paz already received in past years in the Federation and adds that he has also made offensive statements against Nassib Nemeby Emelec. Neither Paz nor Liga de Quito have issued a statement to the letter sent by Barcelona to the Ecuadorian Football Federation.

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