Barcelona collapses at the Camp Nou against Juventus

Barcelona lost a Champions League game again at the Camp Nou after seven and a half years. The last time, on May 1, 2013, it meant his elimination in the semifinals against Bayern, who crushed the team he was managing at the time. Tito vilanova for the same 0-3 with which Juventus swept Koeman’s men on Tuesday.

Neither dream nor hope. Neither illusion nor optimism. Nothing. Barça is in absolute nothingness and beyond setting eyes on the club that Bartomeu left behind, criticizing the unfortunate sports planning that is being contemplated, it may be time to start looking at the field. And not to Messi precisely. Because within the disaster, the Argentine is the only one who remains standing.

The coach should be required to change the script. And fast. Before this collapse, this disaster, take it all away.

After 36 undefeated matches, with 32 wins and 4 draws, the Barça stadium was no longer untouchable for any visitor in Europe … But the defeat, which could enter into logic by attending to the rival, revealed that this Barcelona is not holds.

Since 2007 Barcelona did not go to the round of 16 as second in the group and the scenario that opens up from here is to worry if you take a look at Chelsea, Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Liverpool and probably PSG, possible opponents in the first direct elimination match.

Defeated in Cádiz, where they were looking for their fourth consecutive victory, the Barça team linked their second defeat in a row of the season and the fifth in 16 official matches, showing an unjustifiable image, without a game in the center of the field and with a collection of footballers who considered stars are still a calamity.

Messi is put on stage when Messi is, continues to be, the only player who minimally maintains the required level. Lenglet, Alba, De Jong, Griezmann, Pjanic, Trincao … Footballers with stratospheric salaries and unable to show the slightest pride to prevent three and a half months after that sinking of Lisbon from making the biggest ridiculous again.

It gave the sensation that Barça entered the game thinking that everything was already sentenced in their favor … and that when they realized the drama it was too late to react. Messi in the creation zone, Messi hooked, Messi to the auction. Messi from start to finish in a dramatic and inexplicable way as a unique piece of a team on the verge of collapse.

To think that this Barça can still aspire to the League is a utopia considering the classification … But to imagine that in Europe it has something to say, seen what is seen, is an illusion as blind as it is improbable.

Neither with Koeman nor without Koeman does Barcelona abandon mediocrity. Much will have to change the coach, who knows if first of all a system that has proven incapable, to resurrect a club in a state of collapse.


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