Barcelona does not move a hair by the trial of Boca by Santiago Ramos Mingo

In Barcelona took note of the statements of Jorge Amor Ameal, President of Boca, about a trial because the Catalan club took the youth Santiago Ramos Mingo. But neither the Spanish entity nor the Argentine player’s environment are nervous, because they are convinced that nothing illegal was committed when in January they signed the 18-year-old central defender who had been free.

“We started a trial against Barcelona, ​​because we believe that we have rights. For us, we are the biggest club in the world and they should believe more. What happened is outrageous. This player had a following and was reportedly elite. I think that Barcelona is not going to take a player who has no chances, right? We found what they did in very bad taste”, had said friday Ameal on Fm Late.

In Barcelona they understand that Ramos Mingo was not linked to Boca with a professional contract, something essential to be able to report any club to the FIFA.

According to article 2 of the FIFA players statute, “a professional player is one who has a written contract with a club and receives an amount greater than the expenses he actually makes for his football activity. Any other player is considered an amateur ”.

According to what they understand in Barsa, Ramos Mingo I had no professional contract written nor did he receive money from Boca, so it is considered that he was an amateur player and, therefore, there is no complaint to FIFA.

Ronald Koeman looked to Ramos Mingo for the preseason. Reuters photo

As published by the newspaper Sports worldFrom the footballer’s environment, they consider that the president of Boca with whom he should be angry and who should ask for responsibilities is the former leadership of the Argentine club, “who were the ones who did not tie the player with a professional contract.”

The Argentine is valued for his technique due to his “typical Argentinean” character. Coach Ronald Koeman was fixed and takes into account Ramos Mingo. He did the preseason and added training before going down to the subsidiary on Saturday, which Nàstic de Tarragona won 1 to 0.

The 18-year-old, born on November 21, 2001, left Xeneize after refusing to sign his first contract. “I had spoken with the previous leadership and we had agreed that we were going to follow it after the elections, because they did not know if it was going to continue or not. Once they left, I had already made the decision to leave. There were no chances to speak with the new leadership: the decision had already been made, “he said at the time.

Although he was considered one of the promises of the Boca Juniors, he relied on parental authority to go to Barcelona B. In February of this year, his termination clause was 60 million euros and with the arrival of Koeman that figure paints to go up quickly.

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