Bardawil Abu Domah .. Mohammed Imam participates in a video of the leader reveals the names of his children's children


The artist Mohammed Emam participated in a videoclip that gave him one of his followers and embodies part of his father's dialogue with Adel Imam in Egyptian TV. The follower sent the video to the leader's son saying, "Video and you have 40 days". "Twitter" expressed Imoshn laughing.

In the video, Adel Imam appears in a TV interview with one of the announcers: during the dialogue, he held a cigar and smoked, saying: "I am the origin of every act that I consider the costume of my son ".

He continued saying: "Every work from countries considered by Rami and Sara, and Mohammed, obviously forgotten, Mohammed De Asala Jay Bkhalh 40 days but Jabbar has remained a delightful valley", congratulates the announcer for his birth .

The announcer, Adil Imam, called his son Mohammed to say: "Speak", to echo the leader in his sarcastic tone: "Saying 40 days to speak, I mean," and continued: "I pray the love of the children, a semi-Rami, a Muhammad similar to Rami ".

"Her name is Haji Tolba Khalil, Sara is called Hajja Zainab al-Demerdashia and Mohammed al-Bardawil Abu Domah," said the leader, referring to the names of his three children.



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