“Bare-topped ban” in the center of coastal cities is expanding: De Panne follows Knokke-Heist and Blankenberge

According to ships Luyssen, the ban is part of a larger campaign of courtesy. “Based on the feedback and inquiries from our residents and local merchants, we have set up a campaign to tackle various issues, including litter and cigarette butts. And one of the annoyances was that tourists sometimes wear bathing suits in the city center and sometimes even in the shops.”

“We mainly want to meet the demand of our residents,” says alderman Luyssen. “With the ban, we want to send a signal and hope that people will also understand our demand for courtesy. We will not put an official on every street corner to hand out fines.” Also in Blankenberge and in Knokke, the municipal council first of all wants to sensitize and warn tourists with adapted signage or stewards to address people.

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