Barry Allen, Supergirl and the Batmobile appear in new leaked images of the Flash movie

Although the production has opted for secrecy and some simple publications to generate expectations among fans, the film of The Flash It is still the target of leaks and now, after a promotional video about the film was released, new images emerged that supposedly would correspond to the next film adventure of Barry Allen.

These images are not official and began to circulate through social networks during this weekend. All apparently from a post on a Russian social network. In that sense, although we must take this with caution, as you can see these photos would correspond to three different points of the new DC film.

First of all, the pictures show another look at Sasha Calle as Supergirl within what would be a camera test and also offer a new approach to Ezra Miller as Barry Allen. Said look at The Flash is particularly striking as the hero is with long hair in contrast to previous photos of the set and apparently he’s in a cave.

And with a cave obviously Batman fans know what could be at the fore as another batch of photos shows what would supposedly be the lair of Michael Keaton’s Batman and the Batmobile.

In parallel to those photos (which you can also see in more detail in this Reddit link) During this Saturday a video of the filming of The Flash in London. Not only are Ezra Miller and his double present in that registry, but one of them also wears a wardrobe similar to the previous photo of Barry.

Although there is no official synopsis yet, it is expected that The Flash movie will address topics such as the Multiverse and time travel hand in hand with a story that will not only involve the scarlet speedster but will also contemplate two Batman, Supergirl and other characters from the world of Barry Allen such as Iris West, Nora Allen and Henry Allen.

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The Flash movie will be directed by Andy Muschietti (IT) and plans to premiere during November 2022.

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