Bart De Wever pleads for the unification of Flanders and the Netherlands: “We must find someone who looks like us”

Already on July 20, the mayor of Antwerp and president of the N-VA advocated a rapprochement between Flanders and the Netherlands. He returned to the charge on a Dutch program.

Bart De Wever (N-VA) returns with the unification of Flanders and the Netherlands. On July 20 first, he declared in the Trends Talk program on Kanaal “I would die happier as a South Dutchman than as a Belgian”.

He again pleaded for a rapprochement between Flanders and our northern neighbors this Tuesday evening on the Dutch program Op 1: “The world is growing, economic players are developing. So we have to move up a gear and find someone who looks like us, ”he begins. “An industrialized country with a dense population, a logistics gateway to Northern and Western Europe, a high level of activity, a lot of exports. Does that remind you of something? It’s us, the Flemings, and it’s you, the Dutch. If China and America appropriate all the wealth, it is not so strange to consider a union between us. Should we compete with each other or, on the contrary, join forces? Asked the politician.

But the two Dutch presenters didn’t seem to take him seriously. They bounced back with rather anecdotal questions, like the colors of the new flag that would spawn.


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