“Basel won’t play the Champions League again anytime soon”

Ciriaco Sforza will be on the sidelines of FCB from September.

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The coach question at FCB has been clarified. Although not yet officially confirmed, Ciriaco Sforza will take over for Marcel Koller. The right decision by the Basel management? That’s what the football experts at Teleclub say.

Ciriaco Sforza new FCB coach: What was the first thing that went through your head when you heard that?

Pascal Zuberbühler: “It was immediately clear to me that Ciri would be someone who could work with the boys. He can give them a wonderful feeling, he has proven that at GC and Wil. With his way he can bring you a level up. “

Rolf Fringer: «This choice of coach surprised me. But Ciri definitely deserves a chance, even if the current situation at FCB will make it a very difficult and possibly a little thankless task for him. “

Gaetano Giallanza: «That he will work very well with the young players. I saw this first hand during my time at GC. In addition, he knows Swiss football. And I’m glad that FC Basel has chosen a Swiss coach. We have great coaches and they should be given the chance to distinguish themselves more often. “

As a player, Sforza has achieved a lot, as a coach the record is mixed. How do you explain the decision of the FCB management?

Pascal Zuberbühler

Image: Teleclub

Pascal Zuberbühler made a total of 176 goals for FC Basel between 1999 and 2006.

Pascal Zuberbühler: “Because he knows Swiss football, that’s very important. And I’m happy that FCB has brought in a Swiss coach and is now betting on youngsters. We have become a training country. St. Gallen showed how to think in Swiss football. If the Basel team had brought in a foreign coach, they would be out of place. “

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Rolf Fringer: “I think that Ciri has matured a lot as a coach in recent years and has learned a lot. He showed that especially in Wil, when he did a very good job with the young players. The question I am now asking myself is more like: ‘How are things going up in the leadership at FCB?’ Because no matter how hard Ciri tries now, if you fight in the club leadership, you are never on the field successfully.”

Gaetano Giallanza: “Sforza fits in with this philosophy at FC Basel. However, the club management must now understand that it takes time if you want to work with young players. “

Sforza should deny the restart with young players. But is this the right concept at what was once a big FCB?

Rolf Fringer

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Teleclub expert Rolf Fringer is one of the most successful trainers in Switzerland. The 63-year-old never coached FC Basel.

Pascal Zuberbühler: “That must be a very clear issue at FC Basel. If you think you can continue to spend a lot of money on foreign players, then that is the wrong strategy in Switzerland. And you don’t just have to rely on boys. There are still a few successful players in Basel like Stocker and Frei. And they have to be able to manage the new boat together with Ciri and the staff. But Basel won’t play the Champions League again anytime soon. “

Rolf Fringer: “I don’t know whether FCB will catch up with YB again immediately with this concept, but that way you can at least slow down the economic crash. The public simply has to come to terms with the fact that smaller rolls are now being baked in Basel. It is imperative that expectations be dampened. “

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Gaetano Giallanza: “For sure. But it only works if these players are encouraged to do the right thing. Experienced players are also needed, which the club management needs to understand. And the first-team coach absolutely has to be included in this chain. But you also have to see clearly that YB is currently number 1. Basel just has to be realistic now and perhaps not say again: ‘We want to become champions immediately’. “

The fans are upset after the events of the past few months. Now FCB Sforza prefers the “free solution” (Basel, identification figure, crown favorite) – that’s a powder keg!

Gaetano Giallanza

Image: Teleclub

FC Basel was the first stop in Giallanza’s professional career in 1992.

Pascal Zuberbühler: “The fans are brutally angry, that’s clear. They are now disappointed and angry. It will certainly not be easy for Ciri, also because he is not from Basel. But now he has to show the fans that he has the right attitude and that he will be the Basel coach with pride. Convincing the fans will now be his main task. “

Rolf Fringer: “In this difficult situation, it might even be a good thing that no Basel person can identify with Koller. You quickly become a scapegoat, as you saw with Marco Streller. So maybe it’s not so bad that someone from the outside takes over now. “

Gaetano Giallanza: “That will not be easy. Basle actually has to win a title every year and be part of it in Europe. But before you start stamping Ciri, you have to give him some time first. I think the Basel fans always gave new coaches a chance. When you see him playing good football and trying things out, the fans will be loyal.

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On a scale from 1 to 10, how do you rate the chances that Sforza will be successful?

Pascal Zuberbühler: «I don’t want to give a number. I know Ciri and I know that he will do anything for success. “

Rolf Fringer: “8”

Gaetano Giallanza: «7,5»


Sforza and Basel: is that going well?

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