Basic board: no money "to be distributed with Hubertus Heil's confetti cannon"


NAccording to the opinion of the parliamentary party of the Union Carsten Linnemann, the federal government should not be missing in the discussion on the basic pension. "I would not let the big coalition explode on this issue," the CDU politician said on Monday in the ZDF "Morgenmagazin". But he would not have exaggerated with conviction, in consideration of a decision to join the SPD.

Due to important questions about the basic rental, the coalition's flagship meeting scheduled for Monday night was postponed to November 10th. There are still some problems that should be resolved carefully at the end of this week, the CDU said. The SPD stated that the move was based on the union. The working group on the topic has done a good preparatory work.

"Many will fall into poverty in old age despite the basic pension"

The coalition continues to negotiate the billion dollar base rent. It should come, in this regard SPD and union agree. The professor. Marcel Fratzscher, president of DIW, is skeptical in the WELT interview.

"We must finally clear it up. I think people are tired of discussing it here," said Linnemann. He asked for a revision of the coalition agreement, so that there was a "new starting signal" for Germany. It could not go on like this.

There is an agreement between the Union and the SPD that all those who have 35 years of contributions should receive a 10% higher pension than basic security. This had also been agreed in the coalition agreement. However, the union and the SPD are discussing exactly who should receive the pension supplement. The Union insists on the actual need test, as indicated in the coalition agreement, and the SPD rejects it.

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Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) expressed confidence that the Union and the SPD can come to an understanding. "I see the possibility of an agreement," Scholz told the "Passauer Neue Presse". Everyone is trying to get a result, "which is good not only from the point of view of the parties sitting at the table", added the SPD vice-president.

The leader of the Union faction Ralph Brinkhaus ruled out a basic pension without media tests. "It will not work with us," said the CDU politician in the WELT interview.

CSU President Markus Söder called on all partners to compromise and make concessions. "We want to have a reasonable result for renting the land," said Söder on Monday before a CSU board meeting in Munich. The working group on the basic pension had done an "excellent preparatory work", so the question of verifying the means would be "clearly clarified".

Even with the sums involved, one could "make decisions," says Söder. The CSU is now trying to build bridges to get a good result.

"I don't want to distribute money with Hubertus Heil's confetti cannon"

CSU national group leader Alexander Dobrindt called on government partners to reach a compromise. "One may have the impression that some here want to link a de facto question to a power issue. But social policy is not very well suited to power issues," Dobrindt said Monday after a meeting of the council participants of the CSU in Monaco. In his view, decisions could be taken on the basic pension in the coalition committee. The CSU politician also warned: "If you question the coalition, you must give the answer, because it continues later."

"We want a fair basic pension that can improve those who have worked throughout life, helping to prevent the poverty of old age," said Dobrindt, adding, "What we do not want is money with the cannon confetti healing Hubertus spread . "

The head of the Junge Union (JU), Tilman Kuban, described a "basic pension without real estate test" against the German publishing network as "entry into the unconditional basic income". "Other social gifts to calm the DOCUP must not join the faction of the Union. A limit has been reached for us," said the president of the JU.

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The head of the group of boys in the faction of the Union, Mark Hauptmann (CDU), called a basic pension without evidence in the "Bild" a "crime against the younger generation". "Instead of investing in the future profitability of our country, such as digitization, a strong infrastructure and economy, we create new injustices with the rent of the land," he criticized.

SPD general secretary Lars Klingbeil requested a word of power from the CDU leadership. In light of the CDU's contradictory comments, the question arises whether the head of the CDU Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and Chancellor Angela Merkel "finally interfere in the debate, to prevail, sometimes determine the course of the Union", he said on Monday on ZDF – "Magazine morning".

The union must clarify its position this week, so that the coalition committee can decide on Sunday on the Grundrente, Klingbeil said. The senior committee should therefore "end the basic rent".

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Klingbeil criticized the basic rent for a "blockade in some parts of the Union". Inside the coalition partner, there are "different voices". ARD Klingbeil said Sunday evening: "It is also the task of the Chancellor and party leaders, now to ensure that the Union is able to speak on this issue."

Left Party leader, Dietmar Bartsch, criticized Grundrenten's coalition debate. "The coalition is going to make a disrespectful retirement with the right idea of ​​basic pension," said Bartsch. "Anyone who has paid 35 years must have the claim that his pension is well above basic security. There can be no discussions or evidence on the means".

Bartsch continues: "A means of proof would be the introduction of the principle of Hartz IV in the basic pension." In any case, the SPD should not be involved, as CSU head Markus Söder wanted, to give gifts to companies. Söder had requested tax breaks for companies. Bartsch said: "The SPD must prevail in the basic pension or draw the consequences".

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The VdK social association also criticized the fact that in the current discussions on the basic pension the media test is not yet out of the question. "People who have worked all their lives must not depend on social services in old age," says the VdK. As many people as possible should benefit from the basic pension.

The grand coalition is under pressure in the issue of basic pensions. Failure to negotiate would call into question their ability to act and strengthen those forces in the SPD that want to leave the coalition.

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