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Challenge the verse that said Where you've been happy, you should not try going back, Txus Vidorreta (Bilbao, aged 52) returned last summer to La Laguna, his own macondoparticular. After a year in Valencia, the coach resumed his flight to his treasure island to resume the Iberostar Tenerife list, with which he reached the FIBA ​​Champions in 2017, the season in which he was awarded as the best # 39; year ACB.

In his fifth Cup with five different teams in the last 10 seasons, Vidorreta will challenge Barça in the second consecutive semi-final of the club aurinegro. "We are in a sweet moment and we hope to be able to sweeten it even more, Barça has played seven of the last nine finals, this is not the Cup tournament we have met in the 90s, from 90 to 99 c & # 39. There were eight different champions, but now Madrid and Barça shared the last nine titles, but let's go with the utmost illusion, without pressure and very motivated, against Barça we tend to compete well ", analyzes the trainer. ; Iberostar.

Rodrigo San Miguel and Ferran Bassas dismounted from Unicaja, gave Iverson and Abromaitis a whirlwind and raced for the semi-finals. The Aurinegros bases have consolidated the brand image of all the Vidorreta teams. "The base is a fundamental figure in my teams, I was a weak base and this made me analyze the game a lot and it led me to be a coach, I have an important connection with the bases and this gives me the opportunity to motivate those I'm familiar with ", explains what was a mentor among others by Sergio Rodríguez, Llull and Marcelinho Huertas.

After three years at Radio Bilbao de la Cadena Ser as a news and sports editor, Vidorreta left the microphones in 1992 to become assistant manager of Caja Bilbao. Passion has become a profession. "There was a time, between 1995 and 1998, when I barely had the opportunity and when I received the offer of UB La Palma, in EBA, I had put on 31 July as a term They called me on 24. Thanks to that call I'm here ", says the Basque coach, a member of the technical staff of Sergio Scariolo in the double European conquest in 2015 and Olympic bronze in 2016.

"I have always had the opportunity to achieve success, I won all the titles in the lower professional categories of Spanish basketball (EBA, LEB2, LEB, the former 1st division with Caja Bilbao, European Junior with the national team) … I do not know who has a goal in all categories ", laughs when asked about his makeup. "I'm a coach of players, the ones that put the most of them, what made me successful on a continuous basis was the ability to get in touch with the players, to make them feel comfortable with the style", recalls returning at the beginning. "Actually, I've always been a coach, I started with 15 years, during 81-82, I combined for a while with my stage as a player, but then I realized that that I liked was to train, "he says.

Basketball Club Canarias, Iberostar Tenerife for advertising avatars, was one of the 16 co-founders of ACB, but after seven seasons in the elite and a 1989 Korac participation, he suffered a decline that took 21 years to be overcome. In the summer of 2012 all the circumstances were aligned. The club La Laguna had renounced the promotion reached on the circuits of the LEB because it could not afford the payment of the share of the league (more than five million) but, almost on the horn, the possibility of buying the place of Lucentum Alicante – trained precisely by Vidorreta – with much less money. They got 2.6 million and with what they saved, they managed to balance the budget to make the project profitable in ACB, by calculating the last penny, including the flights required by insularity. He began a new journey in the elite of a historic club that was looking for his first Cup final. "I want to be happy to train and here I have been one hundred percent," said Vidorreta returning with popular success at the island.



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