Basketball final: Bayern Munich takes the lead against Alba Berlin – basketball


What an exciting first ending!

The basketball team of Bayern won against Alba Berlin with 74:70 (35:36), in the series of the best five of the interval.

And it was a drama.

Three minutes from time, Alba continues to drive with 68:63. But then Bayern turns again, scoring 11 points, Alba only two.

But: Bayern benefits from three difficult refereeing decisions at the end of the match.

▶ 40 1:40 minutes before the end, Lucic's Alba-Centro Nnoko (who pushes in the air with his forearm) has stained, complained, received a technical foul. A free throw for Bayern. 67:68.

▶ ︎ Albas Thiemann commits a foul on Djedovic's Bayern at 1:28 minutes from the end. But you could also give an offensive foul. Djedovic hits both – 69:68.

▶ ︎ 32 seconds before the end, the referees finally give offensive foul against Albas Peyton Siva. If Lucic had actually taken a correct defensive position – questionable. Even worse: for Siva it is the 5th foul, he must go down, he had previously dominated the start of the fourth quarter with three three points in the series.

Bayern's top scorer Nihad Djedovic (29, 18 points) admits after the game at Magenta Sport: "Victory is the most important thing in the end. We entered the game hard. In the end, we were lucky that Alba could have won."

Siva: "We played well. But Monaco made good use of our ball losses, we have to learn from them".

<img class = "foto ondemand zoomable" src = "data: image / gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAIAAAAAAP /// yH5BAEAAAAAAAABAAEAAAAAAAA" "data-src =" playmaker -stefan-jovic -l – e-peyton-siva-en-was-a-battered-game-both-teams-201159133-62674788 / 1, w = 1280, c = 0.picture.jpg "width =" 1280 "old =" Playmaker duo Stefan Jovic (left) and Peyton Siva were in a mixed game, both teams lost 20 ball "data-zoom-title =" playmaker duo Stefan Jovic (left) and Peyton Siva . It was a failed match, both teams both had 20 ball losses

Photo: Alexandra Beier / Getty Images

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Duel of point guard Stefan Jovic (l.) And Peyton Siva. It was a failed match, both teams both had 20 ball lossesPhoto: Alexandra Beier / Getty Images

Danilo Barthel (27, 14 points), who scored the last three points of the game with a free throw, and the Finnish Petteri Koponen (31, 11 points) scored in two figures.

Siva scored the best for Alba (14 points). The second game of the series will take place on Wednesday (at 8.30 pm) in Berlin.

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