Basketball World Cup, the United States defeat France: Press review


The early withdrawal of the favorite basketball team at the World Cup caused a stir in the US press.

For the majority of the media the quarter-final of the unbeaten from 58 games among the best favorites against France came out.

"Mon Dieu! France runs late and upsets Team USA," he said, "The team will leave China without a medal".

New York Post: "Embarrassing defeat"

the New York Post headlines: "The Americans suffer an embarrassing defeat for the World Cup". The team around the new Celitcs star Kemba Walker was destined to become the first nation to win three world titles in a row. In the end, it was just enough for direct qualification for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

However, commentators also agreed that Americans in China did not seem dominant as would be expected from a favorite.

First, the team, in which there were only two All-Stars with Walker and Khris Middleton, was not comparable to the previous United States selection team. Second, coach Gregg Popovich did not play the best basketball team to succeed.

USA Today has canceled

Before the World Cup, the players who canceled the tournament would have earned more titles than they would have been there. "LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard, Steph Curry, James Harden … the list could go on forever", counts USA today on.

The article also clarifies where the difference with the French was during the defeat of 79-89: "They played together at both ends of the floor, Rudy Gobert closed under the basket, Evan Fournier, Nandoi de Colo and Frank Ntilikina hit the major pitches ".

For the weak Americans, Walker and Middleton, who scored only two of his seven attempts at launch, the chemistry in the field would not have been the same as that of France or Argentina. (SERVICE: Basketball World Cup calendar)

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Forbes: "The best team has won"

Magazine Forbes soberly states: "The best team has won, this is the truth". This was also justified by the fact that, after numerous cancellations, the team "simply did not have the quality" to stop the two best French players Evan Fournier and Gobert.

In the upcoming Olympics, however, the team will most likely compete again with the country's superstars, which should make amends.

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If the "twelve exceptional athletes", who have never played together in a team before, but can get the Olympic gold, is doubtful. Because: "The rest of the world has surpassed the United States for a long time".

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