Bass Luksomrak surprises Tong Tong’s birthday on an LED screen in front of a famous mall

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28 Sep 2021 12:24

Serving sweetness to the fans, always satisfied for the actress – young YouTuber Bass Rakwanee Khamsing The beloved daughter of a famous former boxer. Somrak Khamsing and young actors Tongtong Kritsakorn Kanokthorn or Dong Tong The Star Most recently, when it came to Dong Tong’s birthday (27 Sept. 2021), Bass posted a series of couple photos. and write a sweet greeting message

Bass-Tong Tong Thank you for the photo from IG @bestkamsing

And another surprise that bass intended to make Dong Tong. is to make a clip to wish a birthday on the LED screen in front of the Central World Shopping Center which in this clip comes with a picture of a couple showing sweetness in the heart of Bangkok It’s called playing really big. And in this work, both of them revealed sweet moments. Put on a pair of shirts and stand together on the opposite side to watch clips on the LED screen.

Which Bass has posted a clip of Dong Tong to see the surprise birthday prepared for him on his personal IG Along with writing a short but very sweet message “Only you… alone”, Tong Tong also posted the same clip and wrote a sweet caption, “I love you, thank you very much” among the computers. Comments from fans The parade came to tease the full sweetness of the couple full of IG.

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