Bassetti-Galli, infectious disease specialists against. “You work for yourself”. “I don’t have to bow and nobody”

They jump from one transmission to another and tease each other from a distance. They do the same job, sometimes they even agree, but when they are not they fly Sparks. Skilfully fed by the conductors who, it seems, by now cannot do without them.

Among the various experts – or presumed such – who crowd the television broadcasts, in recent days they emerge the infectious disease specialists Matteo Bassetti and Massimo Galli, respectively primary al San Martino of Genoa and department manager al Sack of Milan. Two who certainly don’t love each other. It was Bassetti who opened fire, criticizing the arrows of Galli against reopening established by the Government, accused his colleague of work more for oneself and for the community: “I work with my region for my region – said Bassetti – others perhaps work more for themselves and less for their hospitals. zone system, should there be a need, it is possible to intervene with red zones also at the provincial and municipal level to block any outbreaks. This step, however, perhaps escapes those who work against your region“.

The reference to political sympathies di Galli, who has always claimed his own middle sixty-eight and for this he had already been attacked last fall by Alberto Zangrillo (another media doctor, San Raffaele parish of Milan), it is quite clear. In short, the director of the Sacco would row against the center-right-led Pirellone. There replica of Galli arrives already in the evening, in another broadcast on another network, with a caustic “you will understand what satisfaction” when the presenter summarizes the passage on the possibility of return to lockdown in case of necessity.

But it is the next day, when Galli is a guest in the same program where he suffered the attack, that the long-distance confrontation rises in tone. The presenter announces that she is about to make him hear the words spoken by Bassetti in that same studio and Galli shakes his head: “Even not, if possible”. The report is broadcast and the professor then replies: “What interest could I have in working for me, I am an elderly professor who has already made the career he would have liked to do and has no other aspirations, it is now close to retirement. I think I work to try to understand things and to say things as they are, I don’t need to bow down in front of anyone. I don’t have to be anyone’s dwarf or dancer “.

Curtain. Waiting for the next challenge, more media than scientific.

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