Basti Lok Sabha Electoral College in Uttar Pradesh: Candidates, current MP, date of voting and election results 2019

College of Basti Lok Sabha (Photo Credits: Image File)

The constituency constituency of Basti is one of the eighty constituencies of Lok Sabha in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The elections here will be conducted on 12 May 2019 according to the Phase 6 program. The constituency number of this place is PC 61. Basti is located in the northeastern part of Uttar Pradesh and is part of the stretch of land that extends beyond the Ghagra river. Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Program: Vote in 7 phases From 11 April to 19 May, count and results on 23 May; Check all dates for general elections

The parties still have to declare the candidates from the Lok Sabha seat in Basti. The Electoral Commission declared April 23, 2019 as the last date for the presentation of the candidacies from the polling station. The last date for the withdrawal of the application is 26 April 2019. Lok Sabha 2019 elections Phase VI: List of States and constituencies Voting on May 12th

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The last general election of the year 2014 was won by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate Harish Chandra Alias ​​Harish Dwivedi who collected the total of 3,57,680 votes and is also the current parliamentary on the seat . The second runner-up of the elections was the party candidate Samajwadi (SP), Brij Kishor Singh (Dimpal), with 32.4,118 votes.

The Lok Sabha 2019 elections will take place across the country between April 11th and May 23rd. While the voting will take place in seven stages between April 11th and May 19th, the results of the general elections will be announced on May 23rd.

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