Bastien Kolly fails in the final

Tennis »The 43rd edition of the Marly Open could have ended on Sunday with a victory from Friborg. But after reaching the final of the N3 / R3 table without losing a single set, Bastien Kolly (Bulle, N3 43) found his master in the person of Bernese Patrik Fischer (Sporting BE, N3 60).

The Rochois, for whom it was the third game in a day, led 6-2 2-0 before being seized with cramps and losing 6-2 in the second set then 10-2 in the super tie-break. Bastien Kolly and Patrik Fischer will take part from tomorrow in the Grand Prix de la Gruyère, in Bulle. PS

Open the Marly

Gentlemen N3 / R3. Quarter-finals: David Rieme (Sion, N3 70) beats Cristian Villagran (Peseux, N3 33) wo. Bastien Kolly (Bulle, N3 43) beats Nelio Rottaris (Morat, N4 127) 6-0 6-0. Patrick Fischer (Sporting BE, N3 60) beats Jonathan Wawrinka (Stade-Lausanne, N4 90) wo. Bastien Rieme (Sion, N3 40) beats Nicolas Grandjean (CT Neuchâtel, N4 111) 6-1 6-4. Semi-finals: Kolly beats D. Rieme

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