Batch 48 Pre-Employment Card Registration Opened, Here Are Tips To Pass Selection

Batch 48 pre-employment card registration opens in early 2023. FOTO NET —

BANDAR LAMPUNG, RADARLAMPUNG.CO.ID – Registration for Batch 48 Pre-Employment Cards is open. Prospective applicants must meet a number of requirements in order to become recipients of this program.

There are several tips that must be considered before opening the Batch 48 Pre-Employment Card.

The Pre-Employment Card is one of the most anticipated government assistance programs for registration by the public.

The enthusiasm of the community has made the competition to become recipients of this program quite tight.

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The incentives for batch 48 Pre-Employment Card participants were also greater than the previous period.

It would be a shame if the applicants failed to qualify and failed to receive financial assistance worth IDR 4.2 million.

The assistance provided by the government consists of a training fee of IDR 3.5 million.

Then the participants will also get a post-training incentive of IDR 600,000 which will be given 1 time and a survey incentive of IDR 100,000 for filling out the survey twice.

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This increase is based on a new scheme that has been established by the government at the opening of batch 48 of the Pre-Employment Card.

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The high amount of incentive funds received per individual has made the program preparation this time a little different from before.

In accordance with the new scheme implemented by the government in batch 48, the focus is on improving work skills and productivity.

For this reason, make sure that prospective registrants meet all the requirements for batch 48 Pre-Employment Cards which are ready to be opened in the near future.


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