“Battlefield 2042” Beta beta starts in early October, first experience of conquest mode and orbital launch site | 4Gamers

“Battlefield 2042” (Battlefield 2042), which was delayed due to the epidemic, is scheduled to be launched in late November. Prior to this, EA announced the arrival of the Open Beta public test in advance, and the time is determined to start on October 6.

According to the official announcement, the Beta public test will be conducted between October 6-9, 2021.All pre-ordered games or players who are currently EA Play members can enter the Early Access version as early as October 6th, while players who have not pre-ordered or are not EA Play members must wait until October 8th to join Beta public test

In this wave of open beta content, players can experience the classic conquest mode, and at the same time can be the first to be at the new map orbital launching station, next to the rocket launching site where the rocket will be launched. When fighting, players not only need to race against time, but also overcome hostile environment. In this dynamic map, keep an eye out for enemy gunfire and upcoming storms.


“Battlefield 2042”Beta public testIt is expected to be pre-loaded on October 5th and will be available on PC Origin, Steam, Epic Games Store, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and other platforms from October 6th, and the game will be launched in November 2021 On sale on the 5th.

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