Bautista, the son of Benjamín Vicuña and Pampita, dedicated emotional words to his sister Blanca

Benjamin Vicuna undertook this last month, the presentation of his book Blanca, the girl who wanted to fly and in this context his son Bautista was approached by show partners and they consulted him about his father and also about Blanca, who passed away in September 2012. The teenager spoke to the media for the first time and issued emotional words for his family.

“How does it make you feel to be the son of these people who, beyond the tribute, help?” They asked him. “It’s crazy. I am very happy, proud of my dad. I have no way to thank you. And I love them very much, ”he replied.

“I am very excited by what my dad does. I am very happy for him. It is a topic that we talk about a lot of times and I love it very much, ”said the young man. When asked what he felt in each tribute to her sister, Bautista replied: “I get emotional, I think about her a lot.”

Finally, the teenager revealed that he always writes letters to Blanquita as a way to communicate with her and express his feelings with an open heart. “I always write to her that I miss her a lot, that I love her, her memories, I make her hearts out of everything,” he closed.

Pampita inaugurated a plaza in honor of Blanca

The renowned model and host Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain lived an emotional moment when she inaugurated a square in honor of her daughter Blanca, who would have turned 17 on May 15.

This solidarity initiative is part of the way in which Pampita and her family have found comfort and decided to help others after the tragic loss of Blanca in September 2012.

The model, together with her ex-husband Benjamín Vicuña, has used the pain of her loss to support those who are going through similar situations. In recent days, the Chilean actor published the book Blanca, the girl who wanted to flysharing their experience and providing help to those in similar circumstances.

For her part, Pampita has dedicated her time and effort to donating playgrounds to different children’s homes as a way of honoring her daughter’s memory. On this occasion, the model inaugurated a square in a home in Don Torcuato, where children can enjoy moments of joy and fun in tribute to Blanca.

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